Feb 20, 2017

White Story

Winter's on it's last leg and I couldn't be more excited to embrace some spring/summer transitions in my wardrobe. Vero Moda's new collection hit the stores recently, with an array of white, that basically tells you that it's time to switch to some lighter, brighter, and more summery pieces now.

Feb 16, 2017

Daringly Delicate

In my early teens, The Princess Diaries was one of the movies that created a profound impact on me. Mia's life, outfits and jewellery as a princess in that movie were actual goals. Especially her array of gorgeous sunglasses and jewels in her closet. I remember being in utter awe and mesmerised by the shiny possibilities, and believing that this only happens in dreams (and unrealistic movies).

Jan 31, 2017

This Means War

I have been intrigued by fashion pretty much all my life, and even today, I'm amazed by how effective a tool it is when it comes to self-expression. Whether it was Coco Chanel who freed the working women from corsets and in turn other societal restrictions or Christian Dior who brought back ostentation post World War 2, fashion was and remains the most aesthetic indicator of the life and times.