Mar 20, 2017


I've always been fond of reading. Even as a kid, I'd read comics. And Garfield was a favourite. The only reason I even browsed through newspapers was for those short Garfield comic strips. Over the years, of course, my reading choices have evolved, but even today, I'd be as excited to read a Garfield comic strip as I would've been 10 years ago. 

Mar 15, 2017

Metallic Nights

Another delayed post, but I'm planning on updating the blog with something new every other day, and I'm so excited to share tonnes of new content with you guys! We shot this look sometime in January end I think, and I've been meaning to post it ever since.

Mar 14, 2017


This post had to go up over the weekend, but I literally had the most stressful and exhausting past few days, and just wanted to take a break from it all and enjoy Holi yesterday. I hope you all had a colourful and safe Holi.