Oct 21, 2016

Balsam + Tan

When it comes to autumn fashion, there's nothing more exciting than layering. As much as I detest being in cold weather, a part of me misses living in London only because I could incorporate layering into my daily outfits without burning up!

Oct 18, 2016

Urban Edge

Fall is upon us, definitely not weather-wise, but I've been finding it extremely difficult to not incorporate a little bit of fall into my daily outfits these days. So I'm not waiting for it to get chilly anymore, I'm pulling out all my boots and lightweight jackets in all the gorgeous autumnal hues!

Oct 5, 2016


I've had these pictures ready waiting in my drafts for the longest time now, and I finally decided to stop pushing it any longer. Navratri's upon us, so it's actually an apt time for this post to go up too!