Mar 18, 2015

Casual Layering.

T shirt - River Island; Jeans - Zara; Shirt - Forever 21 India; Boots -; Rings - H&M; Bag - Primark (old)

Hello lovelies!

Although I try to keep my posts as varied as possible, I somehow rarely end up posting something casual. Something that I would wear on an everyday basis, which is probably the easiest to style, shoot and write about! I realised this when so many of you guys suggested the same on Instagram, and I then decided on one of my favourite casual looks for this post. 

Now this look started around the t shirt. I saw this is River Island last month, and although it wasn't very easy on the pocket, I couldn't resist it! You may know I'm not much of a t shirt person. It's not very often that I find a t shirt I really like. Sometimes I like the design but the fit doesn't cut it. But this one was just perfect. 

In Bombay weather I would definitely wear the t shirt with just a pair of jeans, but here that is impossible to do (yes I crib about the weather in every post, because it's just SO bad!). Since it's time for spring, easy layering is quite essential here and I still have to wear boots or shoes that keep my feet warm. 

Usually, when I'm in the mood for some layering in warmer weather, I like to layer a camisole or tee with a thin shirt on top. And this plaid shirt just added that slight amount of edge to a simple 't-shirt with jeans' look. This entire look is probably something I would wear to college, and to stick to that vibe, I kept the makeup at an absolute minimum, and this is probably the first time I'm not wearing lipstick on the blog, because most days I forget to wear lipstick to college! 

I hope you enjoyed this post. See you next time!


  1. You've carried this outfit so well. Totally loved the combination of River island and Forever 21 !
    I'm more of a Tee-shirt girl. Definately going to try this style.
    Thankss :xx

  2. Love this casual style Aashna! Good to see a new kinda look :)
    Love the bag, sunnies & them boots <3 <3
    Wish I had them all :D

  3. Omg aashna I cannot believe U r not wearing any lipstick in these pics!! Ur lips r naturally coloured so pretty...
    Xo @aayoushejain

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