Jul 17, 2015


Dress - www.sesamethestylestudio.com; Shoes - Westisde; Necklace - Primark; Rings - Aldo

It may seem like I'm on a loop about this, but something I've always emphasised on from the very beginning, and I still believe in, is experimenting with my style. It's something I strongly recommend, because you never know whether you'll like something unless you give it a shot.

I mention this again today because when I came across this dress from Sesame the Style Studio's new collection, I was very apprehensive, but since it caught my eye, I decided to give it a go. However, when I received the dress, I was once again doubtful about how it would look. Since their website has a huge variety of clothing options (making a choice was quite difficult haha), I considered opting for something else instead. But when I tried the dress on, it looked so different from how I'd imagined! And so, I decided to stick with this itself. 

I kept the look simple and carefree, with messy wavy hair, and hints of gold here and there. Shooting on a rainy morning amidst insects was definitely not the best situation, but I was quite happy with the outcome of the shoot, so all in all, it was worth it. I hope you guys like the outfit and the pictures. Don't forget to check out Sesame the Style Studio's website and take a peek at their collection!


  1. Loved how you have experimented with this choice of dress! you definitely can carry off anything and this is one of the dresses I would be shy to wear if I saw it in a store but when I see you wearing it I might definitely give it a green light! Beautiful, stunning and love how great the shoot turned out to be!

  2. Aashna❤️❤️ You look breathtakingly beautiful in literally all the pictures! Is it even legit to look so sexy? Loved this photoshoot! This dress looks rad on you! And I love how perfect location you chose for this shoot!
    Love you loads xx

  3. Do you know any places for amazing formals?
    And cost effective as well since I won't wear them too often