Dec 12, 2015

Happy Tresses with Matrix Biolage

I share a love/hate relationship with my hair most days. It tends to get extremely unmanageable, dehydrated and super frizzy. Being in the world of fashion and beauty, I get to try-out various products and services to share with you guys. Today's post about the new Matrix Biolage range, includes a bit of both. 

My first memory of Matrix products is from a couple of years ago, when I tried the original Biolage shampoo and conditioner on my stylist's recommendation. I remember being very impressed by how hydrated my hair felt after using the products back then, and when I was sent the Smoothproof shampoo and conditioner from the new Biolage range, I was super kicked to try it out!

I'd been using the products for 3-4 weeks, after which I met with the professionals at Matrix, and they took me through the entire new range, telling me all about how there was a bit of nature incorporated into each product. I always find it very informative when I know what goes into a product I use, and why it's right for me. If you follow me on Snapchat, you may have already seen a snippet of my experience with the Matrix Advanced Bio-Spa. 

They started the spa by finding the right product for my hair type, and decided that the Smoothproof range would indeed be best for my hair. After the shampoo, a masque and booster was applied to my hair. Post a super relaxing massage, the product was rinsed off and my hair was blow dried. I'm not kidding when I tell you that my hair has never felt so good before! 

I've been really enjoying using the Smoothproof shampoo and conditioner, and trust me when I say that I've been having far too many good hair days thanks to these products! If you found this post informative and you're keen on trying the range or the spa, find your closest Matrix salon here.

Dress - Jabong; Shoes - Westside; Stool - Urban Ladder


  1. Lovely hair, nice backdrop and lovely transparent chair :)

  2. Omg love your makeup, Aashna! You look super pretty in that dress ❤️❤️ And oh yes, your hair looks so good and so luscious :*

  3. You look so beautiful Aashna 😍❤️ Love the colour of the dress 😍
    And just one question, is it good for coloured hair?

  4. hello, your write way too amazing!
    Been reading posts here daily and must say you are so amazing and your work is too.
    I just wanted to ask you few things and share few, so had mailed you on your email you provided on here. Been waiting since along time. Hope on getting reply soon :)

  5. Hey Aashna! I cannot find the Matrix Salon, I stay in Mumbai, could you please tell me where had you gone?

  6. Your hair 😘
    Hiw can you have a hate relationship with them ?